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Russian Orthodox Easter traditions

Paintings by children from our school

Maslenitsa 12/03/16 – photo report

Maslenitsa celebration on 12/03/16

Speech therapy sessions for children in Croydon

– correction of speech problems caused by bilingualism
– speech development for children with development delays
– correction of speech quality : dyslalia, ataxophemia, stuttering
– speech correction for children with pedagogical neglect , such as poor vocabulary or common language lag of age norms
– correction and development of speech for children with communication difficulties – autism , Dawn’s syndrome , common lag of mental development
– speech correction for children with neurological disorders : CP, muscle tone disorders , hyperactivity syndrome

Dear parents!

Our school is starting speech therapy sessions in London.

The speech therapist will be providing individual speech therapy sessions for children in Croydon (South London) on Mondays from 2 PM until 6 PM. Participating is available after priory booking with our school’s manager via email: or by using the contact form on our website. The following information should be specified in your message: contact number, child’s age, main problem description or diagnosis if available. For more information please contact school manager mob.: 075 049 055 65.

Session length 30 min
Session costs – £25 per session / consultation
After 1st consultation speech therapist is able to recommend course of several sessions , which usually consists of 10 individual sessions.
In that case the fee will be charged in advance for all sessions.

Venue: Croydon Voluntary Action
Cornerstone House, 14 Willis Road, Croydon, CR0 2XX
How to find us. By train: 10 minute walk from West Croydon station, 15 minute walk from Easr Croydon station. By bus: Routes 50, 75, 157, 468, N68 and X68 until either Hogarth Crescent, Devonshire Road or Bedford Hall. Route 289 until either Spurgeon’s Bridge or Bedford Hall. More information on

Sessions are provided by speech and language therapist Julija Meskovska

Julija was born and raised in Riga, Latvia. In 2012 she successfully graduated Riga Stradins University with bachelor degree from faculty of medical rehabilitation and speech therapy. Julija has registration which allows her to hold medical practice. In the last year of her study, Julija started working in children’s mental hospital in mental health department and worked there for 4 years. She also worked in the Latvian Autism Centre. As speech therapist Julija has got good references. Julija is a very sociable person who likes to communicate. She is interested in different cultures and languages, and can speak 4 languages (Russian, Latvia, English and Lithuanian)