Вecome a friend

Russian school Gorizont is a part of not for profit organisation Gorizont Social Enterprise CIC. Our aim is to support and promote Russian culture among compatriots.

Our school offers Russian language and speech development lessons, singing, drawing, painting and theatre classes. We also organise open lessons and events for Russian speaking community.

Our activities are funded by a combination of school fees, ticket sales from events and donations. Amazing volunteers also make a considerable effort in running our school.

Any help from you is invaluable, as it keeps our school open!

We invite everyone who would like to support us to become a friend of our school and choose their preferred method of support:

1. Support our school by registering at the website: https://www.goraise.co.uk/school-gorizont.
It will take just a couple of minutes of your time and will be at no extra cost to you! Every time you make a purchase our school receive a small donation from companies like Tesco, Argos, Ebay, M&S, Sky, O2, Booking.com, Boots and many others (there are more than 3000 companies on the list).

2. Become a volunteer at one of our events.
We are always in need of people who will help with preparations to the event, clean up after or running the cafe. An additional bonus will be a free ticket to the event for your child. Details about future events are published on our website. If you would like to volunteer for us,  please write to our email: school@gorizont.uk.

3. Make a donation.
We are in need of funds for learning materials, educational games, computers, audio and video equipment, decorations and costumes for theatre events. You can make a one time or regular donation. Any donation will be greatly appreciated!

4. Membership card.
You can sign up for a monthly fee of £7 which will give you an opportunity to attend any of our events. We organise at least 9-10 events throughout the year. Events include New Year’s celebration, Maslenitsa, Victory Day, Beginning of the New School Year and many others. The schedule for the entire school year is published on our website: School days.  After purchasing the membership, you will receive a membership card and list of events that you can attend without purchasing tickets or notifying us beforehand.

5. Sponsorship.
We are always open to co-operation with companies that would like to sponsor our events like New Year celebration, Victory Day and etc. You will have an amazing opportunity to present your company and promote it to potential customers. You are welcome to contact  us by email regarding any partnership offers: school@gorizont.uk