Family Camp

1st shift – from 25th of May 5 PM until 28th of May 4 PM

2nd shift – from 28th of May 5 PM until 31st of May 4 PM

3rd shift – from 24th of August 5 PM until 27th of August 4 PM

4th shift – from 27th of August 5 PM until 30th of August 4 PM

About the camp.

The camp is located at a very beautiful spot – scout camp Streamside (near Lancing, West Sussex). The camp consists of small building Farrows Barn and two fields separated by a stream. The building has a fireplace, two small rooms for staff use, two toilets and a shower. There is also wi-fi available. In front of the building, there is space for a bonfire.

There is parking space for up to 10 cars. Remaining cars have to be parked on the adjacent road. The seafront is 12 minutes away by car.

Staying at the camp.

We can offer two different options for staying at the camp:

1) Staying for three nights. You will need a waterproof tent, sleeping bags, mattresses and other items for a prolonged stay outside.

2) Staying only during daytime. The camp is near Brighton and other towns, so there is an option of going home for the night. You will still need a waterproof tent to keep your belongings in case of bad weather conditions.


Activities for both adults and children include archery, kayaking, swimming in the river Adur, pond dipping, various games, competitions, arts and many more.

Eating at the camp.

Price includes eating 4 times per day: breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner.

What do you need to bring?

For anyone who is going to sleep at the camp: necessary camping gear (waterproof tent, sleeping bags, mattresses, blankets, pillows and anything else that you need for sleeping with comfort), insect repellent and flashlight.

For everyone – your own plates, cups and cutlery. Also suitable clothing and shoes (for cold/rainy weather). Sun lotion, hats for children against sun, supply of drinking water, any required medicine and food for personal consumption.


£60 per person for 3 day stay in the camp. Children under 3 come for free. It is not possible to purchase a stay just  for one or two days. Additional costs:

£4.50 per person – archery, kayaking etc.

Terms&Conditions May and August 2020



Please note that number of places is limited. The maximum number of people per shift is 40 (children 3+ and adults). Children under 3 years old do not count.

If you would like to join, you have to complete online forms and pay non-refundable  registration deposit of £50 per family.

Online registration

Contact number: 075 049 055 65, email: