New Phonics classes

New Phonics classes will start at our school on 22 October 2023.

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Our classes will use systematic synthetic phonics to teach children how to read and write in English.
Children will be taught to break up (or decode) words into individual sounds. Then, they can blend all the sounds together to read the entire word. Children will join sounds in their spoken and written forms by building connections between phonemes and their graphemes.
This method is suitable for small children from the beginning of Reception (4-5 years), enabling
children to make a smooth transition to Key Stage 1. It can also effectively teach children new to English or those learning phonics for the first time in later stages (7-8 years).
Each lesson plan covers all main Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondences (GPCs) and Common Exception Words (CEWs) to provide children with phonic knowledge and skills required for success in reading and writing. We will use the resources from the Twinkl teaching portal, such as the picture cards for each sound, the letter formation sheets, and a series of letter cards with common diagraphs to assist with the initial teaching of word blending.
The phonics lessons will follow a consistent structure of activities:
– Hear Phonemes
– Read Phonemes
– New GPC
– Explain how to make the sound
– Blending sounds
– Read words
– Writing New Letter
– Break down words
– Write words