Russian Christmas Ball 8 January 2017 photo report

Dear friends!

First, we would like to sincerely thank all the artists who performed at the ball – Oleg Hill, Valeria Guidotti, Polina Loubnina, Daria Robertson and our music teacher Zhanna Kemp.

Thank you to Miron Koshkin and his mother Katya Koshkina, Alivia Zhara and her mother Irina Zhara, Kristina Thompson, Valeria and Daniel Drozdov, Darek Didzus and Timur Bikadorov for their performance and help in organising the ball.

A special thank you goes to our choreographer Evgenia Tocupa-Didzus for help in organising the event and to her children’s ballet school ‘Classica’ for a beautiful dance.

We also would like to thank you, Daria Robertson, for the perfect photos, our teacher Yulia Kelly for the videos, the manager of our school Alisa Cehacova and volunteer Michelle Ilishko for a beautifully organised cafe.

Finally, we want to thank our amazing guests for their preparations for the ball. Your beautiful dresses, costumes, hairstyles and smiles made the evening even more magical.

Thanks to all!